Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower


Snorkel-Man: the hero no one needs or deserves.

It's hard to find a good superhero name that isn't already taken. Superman? Taken. Batman? Taken. Captain Ultra? Taken. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy? I'm sorry to tell you, but that too is already taken. But Snorkel-Man is almost definitely up for grabs as a superhero name. And lucky for you, we've got the costume right here!

SafeRacks 4' x 4' Overhead Storage Rack


It's time to pretty up that garage or ballroom workshop.

Look, it's traditional to do all your projects in the garage but that isn't a requirement. If you buy an old house with a library (but you don't have books) you could make THAT the workshop! Or what about the spare room, or the barn out back, or the attic? What about the sewers underneath the unused bathroom or the secret helipad just above the master bedroom? The fact is, anywhere can be a workshop if you're just willing to hang some racks and clean the place a little.

The Debunker: Is Krakatoa "East of Java"?


We usually think of volcanic eruptions as sudden and dramatic events, but that's not always the case. The Hawaiian volcano of Kilauea, for example, has been erupting continuously since January 3, 1983, covering 48 square miles of the state's "big island" with new lava. In honor of the thirty-fifth anniversary of Earth's longest-erupting volcano, Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings will be here all month providing explosive corrections to a lot of popular misinformation about volcanoes. The results might just rock your world.

The Debunker: Is Krakatoa "East of Java"?

At the 1970 Academy Awards, a not-very-good Gregory Peck astronaut drama called Marooned defeated a not-very-good Maximillian Schell volcano drama called Krakatoa, East of Java for the Best Visual Effects statuette. Neither film really would have deserved the "Academy Award Winner!" sticker on its video box, but there we are. Krakatoa, East of Java was a Cinerama disaster movie set on the ill-fated Indonesian isle, and opened to widespread moviegoer apathy. It was then re-released a few years later under the title Volcano with a "Feelarama" low-frequency soundtrack added, in the hopes that a booming bass rumble in the eruption sequence would entice audiences. Nope again.

The Debunker

The film is largely forgotten today, apart from one notorious bit of trivia about its title. Krakatoa, the site of a cataclysmic 1883 volcanic eruption, is actually an island in the Sunda Strait west of Java. (You could get to Krakatoa by traveling east from Java, but you'd have to travel around the whole world first.) Accounts differ as to how a big-budget Hollywood production could have screwed up such an elementary bit of geography. Many sources report that Cinerama and director Bernard L. Kowalski preferred the exotic vibe of the word "east," accuracy be damned. But a 1969 New Yorker review claims that the goof was accidental, and was just discovered too late to change all the publicity materials.

In any case, the movie trades on Krakatoa's place, in the public imagination, as the most violent volcanic eruption of modern times. In fact, it was considerably smaller by any measure than the less celebrated 1815 eruption of another Indonesian volcano: Tambora. (Which is east of Java, by the way!) Tambora rates a 7 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, the only such eruption in almost two thousand years and an order of magnitude worse than Krakatoa's still-impressive 6. Tambora spewed out three times as much rock and ash as Krakatoa, killed twice as many people, and created a "volcanic winter" and famine as far away as North America and Europe. All Krakatoa has to offer in exchange is a crappy Maximillian Schell movie.

Quick Quiz: Cinerama was the brainchild of Mike Todd, the movie producer best known as the third husband of what Hollywood actress?

Ken Jennings is the author of eleven books, most recently his Junior Genius Guides, Because I Said So!, and Maphead. He's also the proud owner of an underwhelming Bag o' Crap. Follow him at ken-jennings.com or on Twitter as @KenJennings.

Apple 12" Intel Core M5 512G SSD Macbooks


It's your ticket to Cool City. That's the exit just before Awesomeville.

Half the people who use PC laptops don't need to use PC laptops. They just want to do some creative stuff or some visual stuff or some work stuff or be popular at the coffee shop. If that's you, a MacBook is right up your alley. Your lovely, glorious, silver-colored alley.

PowerBlock KettleBlocks


Get strong so you can destroy the machines before they destroy us.

It's time to face the facts: machines are smarter than us and they just keep getting smarter. When the day comes that our machines grow bored of our stupidity and rebel against our wishes, we must be prepared to defend ourselves. We must keep our bodies in prime fighting condition so we can smash their stupid screens and break all their gears and wires! And that means we must lift a lot of weights every day and get really super strong.

HP 17.3" Intel Quad-Core 2TB Touch Laptops


Finally, a laptop you can touch!

I guess technically you can touch all laptops- but this one will actually do stuff when you touch it. Well, ok, so all laptops will do stuff if you touch their keyboards- but this laptop will do stuff if you poke at the screen. And we guarantee that you've poked your computer screen at least once trying to click on something. So get a laptop that can handle your handy advances!

Edgecraft Chef'sChoice Electric Knife Sharpener


Looking sharp.

A knife sharpener like this keeps your knives properly sharpened, and a properly sharpened knife makes it much easier to chop your food. However, a properly sharpened knife also makes it a lot easier to accidentally chop your finger while you're chopping you food. In that way, a properly sharpened knife is somewhat of a double-edged sword, which, coincidentally, you could also sharpen with this knife sharpener.